Best payday loans for bad credit -Instant payday advance bad credit today

BIK reports show that non-bank loan companies currently own almost 2/3 of the financial market, including low-value loans up to PLN 2,000.

Instant payday advance bad credit today

Online payday advance bad credit on our website is one of the most convenient and fastest available financial products that allow for quick and easy support. Thus, loans enable hundreds of thousands of customers to maintain liquidity.

The increased security of non-bank loans, caused by increasing their transparency and consumer awareness, in managing their own finances has caused the non-bank loans market to flourish.

However, how do you find yourself among the many offers of non-bank payday loans and take out a loan that is the most advantageous for us? Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is familiarize yourself thoroughly with the loan companies’ offer, in particular with:

  • Loan agreement,

  • Promotion Regulations,

  • Regulations of the loan service.

When using loans granted on online platforms, we will also be obliged to share our data with various entities, which is worth knowing. A number of laws on the protection of personal data – including the famous GDPR, require such consent. In the event of a refusal, loan companies cannot carry out the applicant verification process and thus have a closed path to a positive application. It is worth knowing because it is possible that the possible reason for refusing a loan was the lack of consent to the processing of personal data contained in the application for a payday loan.

How to register on the loan website?

Before you apply for a loan online, if you have not previously used the offer of a given non-bank company, you must register on its loan page. To do this, you must complete the registration form, in which you must provide such data as:

  • surname and name,

  • pesel,

  • ID number

  • mobile number (in the case of D’Artagnan an SMS with an activation code will be sent to it),

  • address,

  • information on income and the monthly cost of living.

Finally, enter the password you will use to log in to the loan system. It is also necessary to accept the statements on familiarizing yourself with all the terms of the loan agreement and website regulations – including consent to the processing of personal data and powers of attorney for verification at the Credit Information Bureau.

When submitting the loan application, you must also provide the bank account number to which the payday loan will be transferred or, in the case of Easy Credit offer, choose the option to pay via GIRO check – then the verification is done by presenting an identity card when collecting the loan at the Poczta Polska branch or through an automatic verification system, e.g. Kontomatik.

Who can take payday pay?


The consumer credit law is the one that can benefit from a typical non-bank loan. First of all, you must be an adult Polish citizen with full legal capacity. Non-bank companies may, however, introduce additional regulations regarding the granting of payday loans, for example by increasing the borrower’s minimum and maximum ages. For example, Easy Credit provides online loans to people aged 20-70.

In addition, applicants for payday loans should have sufficient income to pay back the loan securely.

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