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The student loan is a special form of installment loan. It is awarded exclusively to students who use it to finance purchases that are directly related to their studies. This can be, for example, the home furnishings in the dorm room.

Where can I get a cheap student loan? – Which bank awards cheap student loans?

A distinction must be made between the student loan of a normal bank and the student loan from Intrasavings-Bank. The student loan at the bank is usually paid in full and paid in monthly installments. Since it is a student loan, the terms are usually quite long and the repayment installments are low. A student loan from Intrasavings-Bank is paid in monthly installments and serves to cover the student’s current expenses. The repayment of the student loan does not take place immediately, but only later, when the student has entered professional life. Both types of loans offer very favorable interest rates, so they are very interesting for students.

What advantages does a student loan have?

What advantages does a student loan have?

The student loan represents a great financial aid in the study. Whether it is a loan, with the larger purchases are paid or a Intrasavings loan, with which the running costs can be covered, is secondary. The advantage is obvious. The student loan helps students cover their costs. Many students could not afford a course of study and its costs without financial help. It is also particularly practical that the student loan is awarded regardless of the income of the parents. There is neither a credit check, nor collateral must be deposited. Only the age of 31 years must not have exceeded. It goes without saying that the interest rates on the student loan are particularly low and the repayment can be made flexible and adapted to the life situation of students.

What are the disadvantages of a student loan?

What are the disadvantages of a student loan?

As many advantages of the student loan brings with it, it still has one or the other disadvantage. The total cost of the student loan adds up over time and is well above those that would be incurred in a Credit Aid support. The Credit Aid is an interest-free student loan and only has to be repaid in half. Another disadvantage is that enrollment notices must be submitted, as well as evidence of the state of study. Once a certificate of performance is not presented or more than two leave semester are inserted, the payment will be suspended. The disadvantage of a Intrasavings student loan is that interest rates can rise during the repayment term. But for students it is possible to agree fixed interest for a maximum of 10 years. Talk to your bank adviser.

How do you get a Intrasavings Student Loan?

How do you get a Intrasavings Student Loan?

Intrasavings student loans are offered by banks such as Zintelsbank, Matabank or Bankate.
But other credit intermediaries also offer the Intrasavings Student Loan for student financing.

Further important information about the student loan can be found in this article from Wikipedia.

Student Loan Alternatives – What’s Better Than a Loan?

Student Loan Alternatives - What

Before you take out a credit for studying, consider other ways of financing your studies. If it is a first degree, parents are required by law to provide financial support. Thus, the child benefit, which parents receive until the 25th birthday of their child, can be used to finance the study.

Perhaps also a financial support in the form of a scholarship in question. For more important information, see the scholarship article from Wikipedia.

The German state also supports students with the student loan. Further important information can be found in the Credit Aid article from Wikipedia.

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