A new amphitheater, boat rentals and a dog park could be in the future at GR’s Riverside Park


The City of Grand Rapids is asking residents to comment on any improvements they would like to see at Riverside Park.

Following a community forum Tuesday at the park, the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department presented possible park improvements online as part of the city’s master plan review.

Every five years, the city updates the master plan for its parks and the community can have a say in what happens in the park.

Below are suggested upgrades including an amphitheater, dog park, large event shelter with boat rentals, and more.


A. Renovated toilets and new maintenance building (north)

B. Improved parking for the boat launch – reconfigured to provide better access to the river

C. Off-leash dog area (fenced)

D. Remove parking along the north driveway – all new roads must be 20 feet wide with curb and gutter

E. Renovated toilets and shelter – Bandshell shelter near the baseball fields

F. Improvement of the large event area

G. New nature-based playground

H. Natural stormwater lighting

I. Picnic area on the lagoon island

J. New toilets and shelter (2022 improvements)

K. New large event shelter with boat rental, toilets, concessions, terrace view (capacity of 300, +/- 7,000 sf). Enlarged and reconfigured parking for 120 cars

L. Parking improvements at the south boat ramp

M. River Amphitheater

N. Additional pedestrian crossings at Graceland St., Melbourne St. and Park Lane Dr. N


A. Sanitary facilities and maintenance building

B. Launching

C. Football field

D. Little League Baseball Complex

E. Toilets and shelter

F. Disc-golf

G. Lagoon

H. Parking

I. Large group shelter

J. Pumping station

K. Pedestrian bridge

City of Grand Rapids

The city is collecting public comments on the proposals online until October 25. You can share your thoughts on the City of Grand Rapids Public Contribution Page.

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