A new community theater troupe forms at the Esquire Theater in Carthage | News


Country Music Hayride and the Esquire Theater will hold a casting call in November for the first play by a new community theater group called the Esquire Players.

The group’s first piece will be “La voix de la prairie”. The auditions will take place on Tuesday November 17 from 5 to 7 p.m. and on Sunday November 22 from 2 to 5 p.m. Those interested in performing or working behind the scenes in the production can show up on both days anytime during designated hours. It is open to all ages, children and adults included.

“It’s very laid back,” said Cindy Deloney, director of Carthage Main Street. “We’ll give you something to read from the play itself and give you time to go through it. It’s very laid back, we’re very inclusive.

Gambling is something that everyone and anyone can participate in.

“It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s going to be something all ages can enjoy, and the beauty of being a first play is we can have fewer people in it or we can have more people, depending on the number of people we get coming in to audition during the casting,” Deloney said. “We’ll be able to use everyone, so that’s really great, especially for our first game. get involved.

The play will be directed by Michael Powell. Powell is currently the theater principal at Gary High School and has taken two reportable one-act plays in his teaching career.

“He’s an incredible director, an incredible actor, and great fun, and I think everyone is going to enjoy working with him,” Deloney said.

Deloney hopes it will bring a greater sense of community to the county.

“As for Esquire, it’s just another art form that we want to introduce,” she said. “We want to be a center for the arts in all forms for all of East Texas, especially for the people of Carthage and Panola County. I think to get the right people involved it’s going to be amazing, and then when we get to perform our pieces it will also give other people another form of art to come and see, so it can get everyone involved .

Rehearsals for the play itself are scheduled for Tuesdays and Sundays, with breaks for the holidays. The play will be performed in January so that everyone comes to see it.

The theater troupe is one that will always be open and welcoming.

“We’re never going to limit ourselves to a certain number of people or anything like that,” Deloney said. “All casting calls will always be open. And of course we know we’re going to have this group of people who always want to be involved, or we hope we will anyway, and that’s exactly what we want. , but we always want to welcome new people as well.

“And just to remind people, we will need help with other things as well. If you don’t like acting, we will need help with lights, sounds, props, set design and costumes. We’d love for anyone interested in any of these things, not just actors, and they’re also welcome on casting call night, or they can call me.


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