Assembly meeting turns into farce as transgender people stage street theater protest


Bernadette Wilson, a political activist from Anchorage, was sitting at home, monitoring the Anchorage Assembly meeting online, when she noticed two people lying on the floor directly in front of the Assembly panel.

Just lay there.

Earlier, the two had done push-ups in the space between the podium for public testimony and the Assembly. But for most of the meeting, they were just lying, staring at the ceiling.

No one in the Assembly asked them to leave. No one in the audience knew what to think about it, but ultimately, at the time of public testimony, Dave Bronson berated Assembly Speaker Felix Rivera for turning the proceedings into a circus.

“Dick Traini would never have allowed that,” Bronson said, referring to the former Assembly member. Bronson said Must read Alaska that the fact that the Assembly authorizes antics in front of them shows a lack of respect for the legislative institution.

“They need to stop signaling their virtue and start treating it with respect,” Bronson said today.

Meanwhile, Wilson, watching the reunion from home, also decided that was enough. She grabbed a white plastic bucket and wrote “ADVICE” on it, and went to the Loussac Library, where the Assembly meets.

Without announcing anything in advance, Wilson walked to the front of the rooms and dropped the “tip bucket” by the protesters. Then she left.

One of the protesters is known as MoHagani Magnetek, who is a transgender activist and artist who occasionally runs for office, most recently against Austin Quinn-Davidson. Born male, Magnetek is living as a female, despite having the beefy body of a man and doing push-ups before the meeting, as the video shows:

The other protester is called Dana Dardis, a person who is also involved in the petition to bring down the statue of Captain James Cook at Resolution Park in Anchorage.

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Dardis said on Facebook that the protest was because of racism, sexism, COVID-19, intersectionality, incarceration, children in cages, LGBTQ and the “whiteness of the assembly”, among other complaints. Dardis claimed that people of color are attacked on purpose.

It wasn’t long before the spouted bucket was moved down the hall by a member of city staff, but the protesters were able to continue their antics and eventually testified.

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