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press release: Want to be at a future show in Broom Street? We have auditions coming up!

Doed Koecks

By Coleman, Directed by Cassie Hankins

Plot: The discovery of an 1800s Cornish journal in a Midwestern mining town causes the worldwide re-emergence of a medieval religious rite. Doed Koecks is a modern tragedy, a reflection of the contemporary monetization of religion, the destructive rise of greed and the unquenchable pride of man.

The Cast: We are looking for eight actors for Doed Koecks.

Four actors will play:

Bobby Otter, Male (he / him / his), 40, as emotionless as the geographic region he lives in

Christine Otter, Female (she / she), 40, motivated, professional, probably sociopath

Bruno Otter, Male (he / him / her), late adolescence, haunted and haunting

Becky Bargos, Woman (she / her) 30s, simple, brilliant, accomplice

We are also looking for four actors to play:

Luke Stephens, librarian, 60+, male also Spirit 1, Male 1, Sidekick 1

Graves, Lawyer, man also Spirit 2, Man 2, Acolyte 2

Elise, Talk Show Host, Woman also Spirit 3, Woman 1, Sidekick 3

CFO, woman also Waitress, Woman 2, Spirit 4, Acolyte 4

Audition Information: Auditions will take place November 10-11 at the Broom Street Theater, starting at 7:00 p.m. Those who audition will read the sides of the script; it is not necessary to prepare a formal monologue. Since we will be auditioning indoors, we ask that all actors auditioning bring a current photo of their unmasked face. If one cannot be provided, we may ask you to briefly remove your mask so that we can take a picture of you during the auditions. Please also be prepared to list any conflicts between the dates November 15, 2021 to February 5, 2022. We also require that all actors be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Questions can be directed to Cassie Hankins. Phone: 608-438-9278 or e-mail [email protected].



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