Bay Street Theatre: Character Study Class


Created by Director of Education and Community Outreach, Allen O’Reilly, Executive Director, Tracy Mitchell, and Academy Director, Kayla Matters, the new Bay Street Theater Student Academy serves children and teens East Long Island, with the goal of empowering a new generation of artists to experience theater as a powerful medium for emotional expression. The Academy strives to be a safe haven of self-expression and community for every student, and is guided by principles of equity, inclusion, collaboration, and creativity.

The Academy will launch in January 2022 with a ten-week workshop titled Leading the Show: A Character Study.

Students aged 12-18 will choose any leading role in any play or musical to study in depth. While focusing on these characters and under the direction of Director Kayla Matters, students will continue an in-depth examination of this character’s arc and journey throughout the respective show.

Leading the Show offers the opportunity to work with Music Director Bobby Peterson and professional dancer and choreographer Ross Thompson to study selected songs, scenes and monologues from their chosen role, gaining first-hand experience labor required to prepare for a lead role on stage. Students will develop their songs, scene and character to deepen their understanding of the text through analysis of the lyrics and script.


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