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The Brown County Historical Society and the State Street Theater will be hosting a luncheon and a bite of history on April 7 from noon to 1 p.m. at the State Street Theater.

Local historian Dan Groebner will present “History of the Balcony: Community Theater in New Ulm.”

Groebner’s research into local community theater found that live plays have entertained audiences in New Ulm since its inception. Turner Hall’s local talent drew crowds for German-language plays, and its grand new theater built in 1901 drew nationally acclaimed performances. But the theater burned down in 1952.

Local actors met, rehearsed, sold tickets and performed wherever they could find space, and even cleaned up after performances.

The Pioneer Players, established in 1963, and the New Ulm Actors Community Theater in 2003 have been the most successful of these grassroots groups. Hanska’s Liberal Union Hall often hosted the Pioneer Players.

In 2014, actors and investors acquired the New Ulm High School auditorium.

Today, State Street Theater Co. has a home stage, capable management, and fundraising ability. With continued volunteerism and public support, the performing arts in the New Ulm area are expected to thrive.

This presentation is a joint venture made possible by the Brown County Historical Society and the State Street Theater Co. working together to bring quality program opportunities to the public.

Free entry. For more information, email [email protected] or call 507-233-2621.

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