CATCH IN THE MORNING presented by the Grove Street Theater in Montclair to commemorate the 20th anniversary of September 11


“Catch the Morning,” a collection of one-act plays and monologues on 9/11 themes written and performed by New Jersey residents, premieres this summer, funded by the renowned organization Apricot Sky Productions New Jersey Professional Theater, and Producer / Playwright Eric Alter.

Topics with great resonance for Garden Staters, the relationships arising from September 11 and the lasting impacts of the disaster on lives, will be covered on stage at the Grove Street Theater in Montclair, two evenings only, Friday September 10 and Saturday 11 September at 8 p.m.

The production marks the return to live theater for Apricot Sky after a suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the support of Alter and Apricot Sky, there will be no cost for tickets, but a suggested donation of $ 10 or more is appreciated. All proceeds from the exhibition will go to the National September 11 Museum and Memorial in New York.

This is the second time that Apricot Sky Productions, based at the Grove Street Theater, has presented a festival of plays on this serious historical subject; the first time was for the tenth anniversary in 2011. “I don’t want people to forget that day,” said producer Alter, some of whose plays will be staged in September. “The response to my call for hearings was overwhelming. I am extremely proud of everyone who appeared on the show for their enthusiasm and involvement.” The playwrights and directors and most of the actors are from New Jersey.

Playwrights include Eric Alter, Lisa Annitti, John Fraissinet, and Elaine Molinaro. The directors are Helen Exel, John Fraissinet, Bob Lowy, Elaine Molinaro and Alexander Olejski.

In The interim company are Jon Beeler, Laura Byrne, Jenna Cia, Ginny S. Crooks, Art Delo, Celeste Fasone, Byron Flores Jr., Jeff Foote, Donna Fraissinet, Ann Grippo, Brooke Kaye, Kay Koch, Gary Koseyan, Donald pauselius, Liz Samuel, Gina Sarno, Alexa Servodidio, Larry Shagawat and Angela Levins-Smith.

The nine plays and monologues all relate to the horrors of the bright summer day of 9/11/01.

“Remains” (written by Eric Alter and directed by Bob Lowy) is a poignant play about the son of an NYPD officer who was killed on September 11 and how the son now wants to follow in his footsteps to serve the community.

“The Job Interview” (written and directed by John Frassinet) is a tense play about a woman’s decision to take a job on the very day of the catastrophic attacks.

“Days” (written by Eric Alter and directed by Bob Lowy) is a terse monologue about a sister’s struggle with everyday memories of her grief.

Excerpts will be presented from “Among the Missing” (written and directed by Elaine Molinaro), the true story of a family’s journey to fill the void left in their lives after an unimaginable loss.

In “The Grieving Pool” (written by Eric Alter and directed by Helen Exel), we listen to two strangers who meet at a 9/11 memorial and end up remembering their loved ones whose lives were cut short by the attacks.

“Catch the Morning” (written by Eric Alter and directed by Bob Lowy) features the interaction between a father and daughter as they face the unspeakable tragedy of September 11th.

“The Quarter” (written by Lisa Annitti and directed by Bob Lowy) is a monologue from the perspective of a man who remembers the horrible morning of 9/11, how it unfolded and the guilt he harbored. to his tragic loss.

“Once a Year” (written by Eric Alter, directed by Elaine Molinaro) is a vignette about a group of women who meet once a year at Ground Zero to read the names of the victims and remember their moments with loved ones. those.

The final piece of the evening, “The Children of September” (written by Eric Alter and directed by Alexander Oleksij) is the story of a young girl suffering from trauma whose time in therapy gives her hope and hope. helps him believe that anything is possible.

Admission is completely free, but since it is a charitable benefit, a suggested donation of $ 10 or more will be appreciated. Masks will be required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people for entry and for sitting in the theater.

The shows take place on Friday September 10 and Saturday September 11 at 8 p.m. The minimum age suggested for the public is 12 years old. The Grove Street Theater is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Free parking is on the left side of the building.


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