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Hogansville City Hall was buzzing with activity Tuesday afternoon as citizens showed up to offer their name and design ideas for the city’s soon-to-be-renovated amphitheater. The designers in charge of the amphitheater project took suggestions on its appearance while enveloping its “historic charm”.

“We have little activity going on to help name it [and] let citizens express their individual preference [for the design,]Said David Argo of TSW, the Atlanta-based architectural firm in charge of the project. “We really want to get a feel for what people need and want here. “

Rylee Govoreau, a City of Hogansville employee, said the city plans to keep the amphitheater true to its historical roots while embracing necessary modern necessities, such as ramps for people with disabilities.

“We already have the building envelope, it’s very historic,” said Govoreau. “We’re going to keep a lot of those historic details… and eventually add them to the building envelope so that we can have groups there. “

The citizens placed green stickers, meaning good, or red, meaning bad, on certain design suggestions placed in the room. They also jotted down name suggestions on a sign-up sheet, including “The Nest”, “The Hogansville Veterans Amphitheater” and “Greenwave Amphitheater”.

The amphitheater is located near the grounds of Hogansville Elementary School and has has served as a gathering place for city events since the 1930s.

Wanda Lowe of the Historic Preservation Commission suggested “The Lam” after a former school principal, CO Lam, who also owned the downtown Royal Theater at one time and was involved in the construction of the amphitheater in ‘origin, Lowe said. She has expressed her desire to keep the amphitheater as historically competitive as possible.

“We want to be sure that the historic structure retains its integrity and that it has the potential to be used for multiple purposes,” she said.

The project is still in its early stages, said Adam Williamson of TSW, and the cost of the project will depend on the design. The citizens’ contribution will help the company create a final design to bring back to the city, he said. The city will host its first concert, with the group Whiskey Moon, on September 17, a kind of showcase for the amphitheater, said Govoreau. Citizens will be able to see “what the amphitheater could be”.

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