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Morning Journal / Danielle Garner Josh Menning of Menning Films provided an update on the Christmas movie set in Columbiana in February as the council held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday.

COLUMBIANA – Erich Offenburg of the Columbiana Cultural Collective updated the advice regarding the Main Street Theater during the council on Tuesday.

After unsuccessful attempts to buy the theater throughout 2021, Beth and John Kufleitner, president of Columbiana Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, helped the Cultural Collective move forward by purchasing the Main Street Theater located at 5 N Main St. at a cost of $ 850,000. The Cultural Collective will be able to acquire the building within five years.

“It meant a lot to our community and the community members who were part of it”, said Offenburg.

The Cultural Collective plans to open as soon as possible to accommodate rental spaces, music numbers, concerts and theater companies. Offenburg hopes to attract people from the outside.

“It’s just a really nice act of community kindness, they just did a wonderful thing”, Offenburg commented. The Chamber of Commerce will continue to operate from the theater while the Cultural Collective will transform the space into an arts-based community center.

“It’s always great to receive that last Christmas present and I think you have given this community that last Christmas present of the year that we will never forget” said Mayor Rick Noël.

Council members recognized the hard work and efforts of Offenburg, the Tourism Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and other community members who support the efforts of Cultural Creative.

Separately, Josh Menning of Menning Films, associated with films such as Song of the Tree Frogs, Unwavering and Beast of Our Fathers, will be filming in the city from February 1 to 13.

Menning said the film crew will try to remain silent and be respectful of residents and businesses. Menning and city officials will notify residents of filming locations and openings for extras via Facebook, the city’s website and the newspaper.

Menning said the bulk of the film will take place on February 13. Teams will need space along the plaza and a section of Main Street to close.

The film will be distributed through an online platform reaching approximately one million households. Menning plans to launch the film at the Main Street Theater to celebrate the city.

“I just want to point out that we are going to keep the Christmas tree in place”, City manager Lance Willard pointed out. Willard is ready to receive a few awkward looks from the surrounding communities.

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