Edward Twins impresses the audience at the Mesquite Community Theater




Anthony Edwards as Andrea Bocelli and Eddie Edwards as Barbara Streisand during a performance at the Mesquite Community Theater on Saturday.

The Mesquite Community Theater was packed with legendary performers on Saturday, April 30. Quite possibly for the first time in its history, music legends like Barbara Streisand, Sonny & Cher, Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, Dollie Parton, Billie Joel and others graced the local scene. Well, actually, it was a talented tribute called The Edwards Twins.

Brother duo Anthony and Eddie Edwards bill themselves as master voice illusionists and make-up artists and there’s no misinformation about it. They are what they say they are: masters of showmanship and more.

Most viewers didn’t know what to expect. The first act with Dollie Parton, and the second act with Billie Joel, amazed us.

Cher took the stage for the third act and you could hear the entire audience gasping lightly as they were amazed at what they were seeing. Barely believing their eyes and ears, knowing in their heads that it wasn’t really Cher and not really a female.

After the third act, everyone now realized the fantastic talent they were seeing and enjoyed each of the different legends singing, clapping and waving their arms. Every personality that took the stage had the same amazing effect. Nothing dull here.

The Edward Twins performed at the Mesquite Community Theater on Saturday, wowing audiences with their talent.

The Edward Twins have been performing their impressions for thirty-five years.

“My brother and I knew what we wanted to do since we were six years old,” said Anthony Edwards.

Both grew up in Burbank, California across from the NBC television station. They would sneak in and watch the taped shows. Then, while playing together, they began to imitate the stars.

Since Eddy’s voice is higher than Anthony’s, he covered the parts for the female leads. Anthony does impersonations for the show’s male characters. Both do all their own costumes, do all their own makeup.

The music is real. The Edwards Twins do not lip sync. It comes from their own voice. They can embody 100 different singing legends. They receive accolades every time they perform, and the stars they portray have all given them their endorsement and often even come to see their show.

The audience was both amazed and grateful. Nicole Crosthwait, a Mesa View Home Health Care nurse who attended the show with her partner, found it hard to believe the twins were brothers and not siblings. “They are just amazing and so talented,” she said. “I love the show.”

“My favorite personality is Andrea Bocelli,” said Anthony Edwards. “A lot of people said I did it best and maybe that’s why. My brother’s favorite is Barbara Streisand and I think that’s the one he does best.

At the end of the performance, Eddie takes off this girl’s costume, wig and makeup in front of the audience. He told them he was proud to be his father’s son and proud to be a man. The audience erupted in applause at this statement.

The Edwards Twins have booked Mesquite again for Jan. 5, 2023. It’s sure to be a sold-out crowd. If you want to know more about them or follow their performance, go to www.theedwardstwins.com

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