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Martha Gillette (Tari Maaske) laughs at her own joke playing the charming host while Aggie Wheeler (Lucy Haarmann) listens patiently. “The Game’s Afoot”, a comedy / mystery by Ken Ludwig, follows a Broadway star who tries to solve a murder in his Connecticut castle.

Rick Brown, Yard Light Media

RICK BROWN, Kearney live review

KEARNEY – Be forewarned: The comedy, absurdity and pompous nature of the characters in “The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays” can make viewers laugh so hard they can barely breathe.

For starters, the other cast members of Broadway star William Gillette, who have gathered at his Connecticut castle for a few days of merriment, despise a critic so much that one stabs the woman in the back after let her join the fun weekend.

Felix Geisel, played by Jason Alexander, says of Daria Chase, played by Emma Wilken: “She gave me the worst review I have ever had in my life. It was a costumed drama with Joan Crawford, nothing less. She said: “The radiant Miss Crawford arrived at the snap of high heels followed by a piece of roast beef.”

Another character, who played the role of Hamlet’s mother, accuses Daria of writing that the woman played the role “looking like a worried hamster.”

In short, all of the characters seem to have a good reason to dispatch the reviewer with a sharp knife during a blackout caused by a storm.

Set in the 1930s, the play pokes fun at types of theater, classic detective novel, and people who take themselves far too seriously – all fodder for that strong Ken Ludwig farce that continues at the Kearney Community Theater until to December 19. show are $ 16 to $ 20.


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