Gorge Amphitheater Owner Has History of Security Breaches and Now Sued for Eight Deaths at Concert in Texas | Columbia Basin


HOUSTON – Live Nation, owner of the nationally renowned Gorge amphitheater outside of Quincy, faces at least two civil lawsuits after the deaths of eight people during a concert they organized and promoted in Houston at the Texas Friday. The event was the 2021 Astroworld Festival featuring rapper Travis Scott at NRG Park.

Investigators on Sunday worked to determine how eight people died in a fan crash at a Houston music festival, as families mourned the dead and spectators recounted the horror and confusion of being trapped in the crowd. One of the victims was Antonio ‘Axel’ Acosta, 21, from Yakima County. Acosta lived in Tieton and studied at Western Washington University.

Authorities planned to use videos, witness interviews and a review of concert procedures to figure out what was wrong on Friday night during a performance by rapper Travis Scott. Tragedy unfolded when crowds rushed onto the stage, hugging people so hard they couldn’t breathe.

Pandemonium captured at Astroworld festival as people cry out for help due to dangerous concentration of spectators

Billy Nasser, 24, who had traveled from Indianapolis to attend the concert, said about 15 minutes after Scott started filming, things got “really crazy” and people started crashing into each other. others. He said he was “picking up people and trying to drag them outside”.

Nasser said he found a spectator on the ground.

“I picked it up. People were stepping on him. People were like stomping, and I lifted his head and looked at his eyes, and his eyes were just white, rolled up to the back of his head, “he said.

Over the weekend, a makeshift memorial of flowers, votive candles, condolence notes and t-shirts took shape outside NRG Park.

Michael Suarez, 26, visited the growing memorial after the concert.

“It’s very devastating. No one wants to see or hear people die at a festival, ”Suarez said. “We were here to have a good time – a good time – and it’s devastating to hear that someone has lost their life.

The dead, according to friends and family members, included a 14-year-old high school student; a 16 year old girl who loved to dance; and a 21-year-old engineering student at the University of Dayton. The youngest was 14, the oldest 27.

Houston officials did not immediately release the names of the victims or cause of death, but family and friends began naming loved ones and telling their stories on Sunday.

Thirteen people remained hospitalized on Sunday. Their terms were not disclosed. More than 300 people were treated in a field hospital during the concert.

City officials said they were in the early stages of investigating the causes of the pandemonium at the sold-out Astroworld festival, an event founded by Scott. About 50,000 people were there.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Live Nation Entertainment and its affiliate, Live Nation Worldwide, have been linked with around 200 deaths and at least 750 injuries since 2006; facts that were obtained by the publication after researching previous court records, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, and media coverage. Live Nation has reportedly been cited by OSHA a dozen times.

In 2020, USA Today reports that tour director and sound engineer Jared Jackson sued Live Nation for negligence, alleging he was injured in a fall on stage after warning of “unsafe” conditions at the Festival Paradiso 2017 at the Gorge Amphitheater, where he was hired. work or some of the artists.

In 2013, Quincy Valley Medical Center was “overwhelmed” by Paradiso festival goers who overdosed on drugs and alcohol, many of whom did not pay their medical bills. A total of 123 people were admitted over the weekend of the concert, 88 of whom came directly from the Gorges Amphitheater.


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