Hebron Theater to Play “Edward Tulane” March 30 – The Hawk Eye


The Hebron Theater will perform its one-act play, “Edward Tulane,” on March 30 in the auditorium at 7 p.m. with a $5 admission. The performance was originally made for UIL, with a public performance for parents before, and has been working on since early February.

“[Edward Tulane] goes through all these experiences, and it’s supposed to say [the audience] that life is a journey, and when the journey is over, you [come out] a better person,” said senior manager Scott Crew.

The story revolves around Edward Tulane (played by junior Kyler Beck), a stuffed rabbit who separates from his original owner and knows many others before finally reuniting with the original owner, a little girl who received the rabbit as a gift in the past and lost it at sea. Throughout the story, Edward meets a variety of characters and takes on different roles, such as a scarecrow for an old woman and a dancing rabbit for a little boy and his dying sister.

” This piece [is an] type of environmental game and most actors have never done this before,” Crew said. “So for them it was most likely a challenge.”

The play was originally an old children’s story and was intended for readers to see the experience of life through Edward’s eyes as the plot progresses.

“This is [the] tenth one-act play that I directed, and of all, [this play] is the best piece played and my favorite [that] I realised,” Crew said.


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