Lorraine Barrows: The future of community theater in Laconia is bright | Letters to the Editor


The recent production of Our Town by the Powerhouse Theater Collaborative was an exceptional event. It was a particularly fitting celebration of the return of live theater to the beautifully restored Colonial Theater. As a cooperative project between Belknap Mill and the Powerhouse Theater Collaborative, it also showcased the exceptional dedication, talent and foresight of Bryan and Johanna Halperin, directors and producers. Their shared vision of what restoring the Colonial might mean for the future of downtown Laconia included a resident theater company that would include and feature members of the local community.

Bryan’s calm, organized and creative way of teaching and coaching his cast members gave everyone the confidence and skills to create a meaningful and insightful portrait of a small rural New Hampshire town similar to Laconia. The rehearsal atmosphere was positive, focused and effective. Both experienced actors and newcomers were treated with respect and inspiration. Laconia has a real asset in this beautiful theater and an extraordinary director, teacher and friend in Bryan and Johanna Halperin. The future of community theater in our city is bright!


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