Merrill Community Theater to Host Auditions for ‘Isn’t It Romantic’


Casting of seven actors wanted for production in February 2022


The Merrill Community Theater will be hosting auditions for their next production: “Isn’t it Romantic” by Wendy Wasserstein on Saturday December 18 at 2:00 pm and Sunday December 19 at 2:00 pm at Christ United Methodist Church, 300 N. Mill St. in Merrill. The casting will take place to fill the roles of four women and three men in the following roles:
Janie Bloomberg – Sweet, witty, kind single young woman fresh out of college and looking for what life brings to her in Manhattan.

Harriet Cornwall – Janie’s best friend, fresh out of college and found a job at Colgate.
Lillian Cornwell – The mother of Harriet, a businesswoman who owns and manages her own business.
Tasha Bloomberg – Janie’s mom is a quirky housewife who goes to dance classes daily and leads her husband’s life.
Simon Bloomberg – Janie’s dad who is sweet, funny and very caring for his wife and kids.
Marty Sterling – New Jewish doctor who adores Janie.
Paul Stuart – the boss of Harriet’s boss, married and having an affair with Harriet.

The play follows two friends in their twenties as they attempt to navigate the harsh waters of romance and careers in 1980s Manhattan. One is Janie Blumberg, a freelance Jewish writer who struggles for establish their independence from their well-meaning but sometimes authoritarian parents. The other is Harriet Cornwall, the daughter of a successful executive trying to chart her own career path at Colgate.

Hearing material is available at:

Production of “Isn’t It Romantic” will take place in February 2022 and rehearsals will begin in January 2022.

For questions or more information contact Ed Kemery at 443.871.3593 or email [email protected]


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