Mike Bradford Named General Manager of Vista’s Moonlight Amphitheater

mike bradford
Vista native Mike Bradford has been named general manager of the City of Vista’s Moonlight Amphitheater. Courtesy picture

Vista native Mike Bradford is the new General Manager of Vista’s Moonlight Amphitheater.

Bradford will oversee the business and administrative functions of Moonlight and work alongside Production Artistic Director Steven Glaudini to shape the vision and future of the company and its seasons.

Bradford has worked in technical production for The Moonlight’s summer season for the past three years. He acted as interim technical director in 2019 and 2021. He is also responsible for the design elements of ‘Jingle Terrace Park’, the annual driving holiday experience at Brengle Terrace Park.

Bradford comes from the Moonlight Cultural Foundation, where for the past 14 years he served as Director of Arts Education and Producer of Moonlight Youth Theatre.

A passionate and dedicated leader in providing arts education opportunities in the region, Bradford has expanded the scope of MCF programs to include internships, workshops and classes, summer theater camps and the opening of the MYT studio. .

“I am thrilled to welcome Mike Bradford to the City of Vista as the new General Manager of Moonlight,” said Mike Pacheco, Director of Recreation and Community Services. “Mike’s ability to think creatively and strategically when it comes to operational matters, along with his passion for the Moonlight Amphitheater, will be a tremendous asset. We are lucky and delighted to have him on the team.

“Growing up in Vista, Moonlight has been the playhouse for me and my family for many years. I am honored to continue to build and strengthen the impact Moonlight has on our community,” Bradford said. .

“I am thrilled to partner with and work alongside Production Art Director Steven Glaudini, the incredible staff at Moonlight, and everyone in the City of Vista who recognizes the importance of the arts in the lives of those that we serve. I look forward to continuing Moonlight’s great legacy as a year-round destination for the highest quality musical theater productions, concerts through Moonlight Presents, cabarets at ClubM, and other cultural arts events.

In addition to his work at MCF and MYT, Bradford worked as a senior business analyst for Optum Rx, a subsidiary of United Health Group specializing in data analytics, workforce management and budget planning.


For more information about the Moonlight Amphitheater, visit moonlightstage.com.


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