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Minister of State for Minority Affairs John Barla joins a cultural dance troupe during the celebration of the Moatsümong festival at the Longchem city amphitheater on May 6.

Longchem (Mokokchung), May 6 (MExN): Continuing the celebration of Moatsümong, the Japukong Senso Senden (JSS) held a major Moatsü program at the Longchem Amphitheater with Minister of State for Minority Affairs John Barla as chief guest and Nagaland Minister of Tribal Affairs Temjen Imna Along Longkumer as main host.

On the same day, John Barla also inaugurated the amphitheater of the cultural and tribal utility center of the city of Longchem, the place of the celebration of Moatsümong. The amphitheater had been funded by the Indian government’s Ministry of Tribal Affairs, a press release said on Friday.

Speaking at the Moatsümong festival, Minister Barla is said to have deeply appreciated the people for the warm welcome extended to him. He also expressed his deep admiration for Naga culture and dresses and commended the Naga people for preserving their culture and traditions.

He also reportedly promised to build a community hall in the town of Longchem and a boarding school for the underprivileged where all aspects of schooling will be covered free of charge for students, according to the press release.

Guest of honor Temjen Imna Along called for the unity of the people and the preservation of culture by the people. While thanking the Indian government for “donating” the amphitheater, Along said he had never seen such a big Moatsümong festival celebrated in Japukong and said it showed a new strength that must continue. the statement said.

While calling for the preservation of culture and traditions, Along said that the only heritage of the people is “our tradition, our culture, our identity” and as such called on the people of Japukong to move forward together in this 21st century in unity.

Meanwhile, the welcoming speech was delivered by Imdong Jamir, Chairman of Japukong Senso Senden while N Nungsang Longkumer elucidated the significance of the Moatsu festival. A goodwill message and cultural extravaganza was presented by the Assam-Nagaland Border Peace Coordinating Committee, the statement said.

Cultural songs were performed by Lirmen Village Council, Changdang Village Council. Traditional dances were performed by Japu, Lakhuni and Aonokpu villages. Traditional fire making presented by the village of Longjemdang while the village of Satsukba; The Nokpu Village Council presented a traditional tug of war. The vote of thanks was delivered by Chubatoshi, head of the planning committee, while the program was moderated by Helen Ao and Moanungsang from Dimapur.


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