ONLINE: Broom Street Theater Auditions – Isthmus


Press release : happy landings by Pamela Monk, directed by Jan Levine Thal, will be presented at the Broom Street Theatre, 1119 Williamson St, from June 3-25. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8 p.m. A morning, June 25 at 2 p.m.

AUDITION DATES – March 13,14 evenings with possible callbacks to be determined. They will be by Zoom. To register for a slot, please contact the manager Jan Levine Thal [email protected]

Sides will be provided around March 1, but listeners are encouraged to read the entire script. Listeners can deliver a 1-3 minute monologue from another source, but monologues aren’t required (and while you should be fairly familiar with it, it isn’t necessary to memorize it).

For a PDF copy of the script, please contact director Jan Levine Thal, [email protected] This is an original script that can be modified and rewritten during the first rehearsals.

A comedy about lying to yourself and others, happy landings is about a company that rewrites well-known tragedies with happy endings. A writer knows he can’t submit his serious manuscript to a boss who only wants happiness, so he submits it to another publisher. He is best known for publishing historical biographies from the perspective of insects. Stupidity ensues. The plot contains fake death, ridiculous romances, and a general skewer of selfishness and hypocrisy. No violence except that done to great literature.

Characters (no specific ethnicity or race or specific age unless otherwise stated):

Floyd: middle-aged, writer at Happy Landings

Mike: married to Belinda, writer at Happy Landings

Belinda: married to Mike, writer at Happy Landings

Hapgood: any gender identity; boss at Happy Landings

Mellicent: any gender identity; Happy Landings customer

Placenta: editor at Rohan, Marks, & Thoreau, middle-aged

Merlyn: writer for Rohan, Marks and Thoreau

La Mott: Placenta colleague at Rohan, Marks, & Thoreau

REHEARSALS: Sunday to Thursday evening from Monday April 18 (Easter Monday). Please note that some holidays/spring break may occur during rehearsals or production dates. A mandatory technical day is Memorial Day, for example. Performances take place from Thursday to Friday at 8 p.m., from June 3 to 25, with a matinee on the last Saturday.

COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS TBD but what we do know: All cast must be vaccinated and reinforced and masks will be worn during rehearsals.


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