Park City Community Theater ready to open its curtains



The Park City Community Theater aims to provide talented residents of the greater Park City area with continued opportunities to perform in plays and musicals every year.

To kick off its season, the fledgling organization looking to become a not-for-profit organization will be hosting auditions for “A Tony’s Cabaret,” a musical review of Tony Award-winning songs on Tuesday May 30 and Wednesday May 31.

Auditions will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Prospector Theater, 2200 Sidewinder Drive, and performances will take place July 27-29, Vice President Quinton Holmes said. The park record.

“The theater will be our base of operations, and our offices, most likely, will be there too,” Holmes said. “There may be times when we may need to rehearse elsewhere, but our performances will be at the Prospector. “

The Park City Community Theater is the brainchild of Holmes and President Edmund Senkowski. The concept of launching the organization was born after the two pitched the idea of ​​doing “Into the Woods” at Heber.

“I had just started working with Park City High School and talked to Edmund about the opportunities we have here in town,” Holmes said. “A lot of people in Park City are interested in the arts. There is a lot of talent here and a lot of people have the resources to promote that talent. So he thought maybe we could start something here, because not everyone can get to Heber to audition and perform.

The Park City Community Theater will not compete with other performing arts nonprofits such as the Egyptian Theater – which annually features YouTheatre productions and the Park City Follies – the Park City Foundation and Giving a Bleep.

“The Egyptian Theater presents performances by touring artists and companies,” said Holmes. “We wanted to open a community theater to involve more local talent, including high school students.”

In addition to giving local actors a chance to perform in musicals, dramas and comedies, the Park City Community Theater is looking for musicians.

“Many of us on our board can sing, play or play an instrument, and we could bridge a gap with what we have, but we are trying to bring together musicians who will be willing to stay with us at long term, ”he said. noted.

Holmes said he is currently working with the Utah Conservatory.

“They have agreed to donate some instruments here and there, and they are also contacting their teachers and students to see if they would be interested in performing with us regularly,” he said. “We are also contacting the University of Utah Music Department and the Park City High School Music Program.”

The Park City Community Theater seasons will run from October through July, but this year the schedule is different.

“Our first show – ‘A Tony’s Cabaret’ – will be in July,” said Holmes. “Then our next show, the musical ‘Into the Woods’ will begin next season in October. “

The season will continue with the play “All My Sons” in February and another musical, “Children of Eden”, in April.

“We plan to end the season with ‘Jekyll and Hyde’,” said Holmes. “Our plan is to adapt three musicals and one play each season. So, I can’t wait to dive 300 percent.

Singers and actors who wish to audition for “A Tony’s Cabaret” can find a list of songs on the Park City Community Theater website (

Holmes said the website spells theater with an “RE” rather than an “ER,” and he’s trying
to fix it.

“You can still log on to the website and select one of the songs to sing during the audition,” he said. “In the event that a performer does not know any of the songs, they may choose to have a Broadway song sing, because we will have an accompanist.”

Since “A Tony’s Cabaret” is a musical revue and not a full theatrical production, artists will not need to bring resumes or portraits.

“The purpose of this particular show is to introduce the Park City community theater to the area,” said Holmes. “The performances will serve as an open and pleasant invitation for local artists to enjoy the audition process and appear on stage.”

Holmes and Senkowski decided to team up with the Prospector Theater after visiting other locations in the city.

“We had watched the Eccles Center, but it was too big, and the Park City Library’s Jim Santy Auditorium is scheduled for fall, winter, and spring weekends by the Park City film series.” , said Holmes. “The Prospector is a good size and perfect place.”

It is also ideally located.

“Edmund and I work for Deer Valley and we live in employee housing in the Prospector area,” Holmes said. “So the Prospector was right here in front of us. “

For more information on Park City Community Theater auditions, sponsorships, or volunteering, call 435-300-0476, email [email protected] or visit



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