Peterborough City Council to vote on funding for Traill Amphitheater project


The city could award Trent University $50,000 plus an additional grant, equivalent to the estimated $25,000 cost of building permit fees, for the construction of the $1.4 million Jalynn Bennett Amphitheater planned by the university in the courtyard of its downtown campus.

At a virtual committee meeting on May 9, councilors gave preliminary approval to the plans; a final vote is still needed at a virtual city council meeting on Monday evening.

The amphitheater will be both community and academic at Catharine Parr Traill College, which is located in the London and Dublin Street area near Reid and McDonnel Streets.

The plan is to build a 100-seat open-air theater with stage lighting and a sound system, suitable for university lectures or community performances.

The cost to build the amphitheater is expected to be just over $1.4 million, and the university has $910,000 to date: a federal government grant of $560,000, a private donation of $150,000 from the estate of the late Jalynn Bennett University Professor, as well as other internal donations. of $200,000.

Also on Monday’s virtual city council program:

Norwood Bus

Council will vote one last time on a plan to potentially begin offering public transit service in Norwood.

At the May 9 committee meeting, councilors voted to allow city staff to discuss this possibility with staff from the Township of Asphodel-Norwood.

The city already has a similar arrangement where a bus runs through neighboring Selwyn Township and Curve Lake First Nation, with funding from the provincial government.

Asset Management

Councilors will vote one last time to permanently hire someone to look after the town’s assets.

The city currently has someone working under contract to keep on top of infrastructure and asset repairs, and on Monday councilors will vote one last time to make it a permanent city job (at a cost of $83,144 in the budget). 2023).

Pedestrian crossing

Council will vote one last time to install a new crosswalk with fast flashing beacons to Monaghan Road at Gillespie Avenue near Kenner Collegiate.

Installing the flashing beacons, along with new ladder-shaped pavement markings, is expected to cost $52,000.

New clinic

Council will vote one last time to authorize a new medical clinic on Chemong Road, north of Portage Place shopping centre.

Final approval would allow Dr. Jordan Crane (family doctor) and his wife Wendy Blackwell (physiotherapist) to convert their bungalow at 1199 Chemong Rd. into a clinic.

The property is just north of Milroy Drive, across Chemong Road from the Habitat for Humanity office and ReStore.


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