Phantom Hellcat is a NieR-inspired action game involving a cursed theater


Today at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Polish publisher All in Games (who you might recognize as publisher of Ghostrunner) announced a new in-house development studio: Ironbird Creations. Oddly enough, it was created with the intention of “creating new high-quality action IPs”, and there’s already one waiting for us in phantom hellcat.

Described as being “inspired by the Deny series,” this action-adventure stars Jolene, a woman who breaks the seal of a cursed theater and then is tasked with saving it. Environmental mechanics are apparently part of the game, as you can destroy walls or slam people into the party pit. Jolene will also power up via theatrical masks, and there will be a mix of 3D and 2D perspectives to change up the mechanics a bit.

phantom hellcatThe setting of is probably the most intriguing. A castle full of vampires and “pop culture inspired pieces” look really promising, especially in the Suda 51 style. While action games need a lot of love and attention to really sing, I keep an eye on this one. No date has been given, but you can list it on Steam, and it’s also slated for release on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X platforms.

Chris Carter

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