Prague comes alive with street theater, circus and cabaret


Street theater festival “Za dveÅ™mi”(Behind the Door) brings countless of these priceless moments to children and adults, citizens and tourists – because street theater knows no language or age limits.

The festival will take place from July 8 to 15 and will present the creations of Czech artistic ensembles as well as groups from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Poland.

The 13th edition of Za dveřmi will offer more than 35 theatrical performances, concerts and street performances.

Spectators can look forward to a poetic theatrical walk through central Prague with a mobile installation of a 6-meter lion puppet in the lead role, an acrobatic helium balloon hovering over the industrial palace, which requires as much helium as 14,000 balloons.

“Behind the Door” will present among others Bratři v tricku, Divadlo Drak, Squadra Sua, Činoherní studio Ústí nad Labem and VOSA

Every day of the festival you can join street parades, acrobats, jugglers and bring the center of Prague to life.

“We want to be topical and show new things because street theater and art in public space should have these qualities. Thirty-five performances are on the program. I do not deliberately use the word theatrical performances because the synthesis of genres without any limit has been a creative phenomenon in recent years, which testifies to the free thinking of creators and the public, ”explains Jakub Vedral, director of the festival.

Za dveřmi is dedicated to current new artists working with public space using its advantages to work with the public.

In all the past years, the festival has featured international artists helping artists to tour and showcase their artwork abroad.

Za dveřmi also travels regularly from the capital to Plzeň in West Bohemia, where he appears as Za dveřmi je Plzeň! as part of the Living Streets summer festival.


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