Preview: Miss Bennet: Christmas in Pemberley at the Main Street Theater


For the third time, Chaney Moore will play Mary Bennet, the neglected sister Bennet who comes to life in Miss Bennet: Christmas in Pemberley about to go back on stage at the Main Street Theater – and she’s happy to do so.

“It’s kind of magical. The first time I read it, I fell in love with it,” she says.

And although Moore knows her lines by heart by now, this time, she’s adjusting to a new Arthur (her love interest) among cast changes and role shuffle as Robin Robinson takes the helm as new director. “Finding those new times to fall in love and finding that connection because although my Mary is very similar to the Mary I played, it’s a whole new Arthur and a new love story and I have to let go of the past love that I had and found these new nuances.

“It is beautiful, stimulating and exciting at the same time.”

Despite the changes, the heart of the holiday story remains Mary, who Moore describes as “I think she is a very determined person who feels very misunderstood and had to find her own strength and not necessarily matter. on others to define her. She is She has finally come to a point where she no longer feels like hiding under the shadow of her older or younger sisters so that she can finally make her mark in the world and she is not afraid to do it.

“So, of course, finding love is an added bonus. She is terrified of the fate of life placed at her feet and she doesn’t want to resign herself to a life she doesn’t want. Now is the time. where she actually does go beyond that and make a life for herself. And help someone else to make a life for herself. Arthur is also afraid of her situation and thanks to her courage she is able to make him live the life he also deserves. She is strong a brave. And coming within herself. ”

Although she was a Jane Austen fan, she had watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice when she was in elementary school and had read the book, Moore says she is not as much of an avid reader as the bookish character of Mary. A graduate of Sam Houston University, known for its musical theater program, Moore said she also enjoys playing “straight” theater roles.

Besides Moore, original actor Lindsay Ehrhardt will reprise her role as Anne de Bourgh, while Skyler Sinclair also returns, but this time as Elizabeth Bennet. The rest of the cast include Yemi Otulana, Alexandra Szteo-Joe, B. Connor Flynn, Gabriel Regojo, Aaron Alford, Graham Childers and Antonia Laverde.

Returning audience members will also see a change in many of the actresses’ costumes. Donna Southern Schmidt is the new costume designer for this tour, while the ever-reliable Ryan McGettigan is in charge of the set design.

Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon’s play builds on what Austen wrote in his classic book. “I think Lauren Gunderson was very wise in adding that comedic element,” Moore said. “Because it’s a play and you want to keep the audience engaged. There is drama too and you don’t want it to be too overwhelming.”

“It’s about the family, these sisters at the root. It’s about these sisters and their bond. There aren’t many shows that show it. This bond between the sisters and this bond. There are fights, there are beautiful, uplifting moments and I think we can all relate to this family element, either by wanting to reconnect or by knowing how frustrating family can be. . And being able to see that it connects us all together. ”

Another essential element of the play will also return: the Christmas tree which is a crucial point of the plot. “Yeah, spruce,” Moore laughs, “We nicknamed him Spruce Springsteen. He’s just a fun iconic piece from the show. We named him because he’s his own character.”

The Houston public made their return to Miss Bennet: Christmas in Pemberley a biannual rite, similar to A Christmas Carol Where Nutcracker. When asked why he had such sustained appeal, Moore replied:

“Jane Austen’s story is so lovely and I think Lauren Gunderson kept all the charm that Jane Austen created and was able to sum it up and put it into her work. Mary is definitely the underdog. is just a cute little joy of a show. ”

Performances of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley are scheduled from November 20 to December 19 at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to Saturday and 3:00 p.m. Sunday, except for Thanksgiving week where there will be a Wednesday but no show on Thursday. . At the Main Street Theater – Rice Village, 2540 Times Boulevard. Masks are mandatory as well as a vaccination record or proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours. For more information, call 713-524-6706 or visit Main Street will also air the production starting the first week of December. $ 36 to $ 55.


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