Regal Court Street Theater Suddenly Shutters in Downtown Brooklyn – Commercial Observer


Downtown Brooklyn Royal Court Street The cinema closed without notice last Sunday, after two decades of successful films.

Madison International Realty, the owner of the commercial building in 106 Court Street, apparently unaware that the theater had planned to close. In a statement, the company said it “shares the community’s disappointment at the sudden closure of the Regal Theater. We are in the process of assessing the situation and gathering more information. Regal did not immediately returned a request for comment.

Newly elected Brooklyn council member Lincoln Stay same spotted a moving van outside the building last weekend, while another eagle-eyed Brooklynite noticed a sign on the box office announcing the closure.

The theater opened in 2000 with 12 screens and 2,300 seats. He replaced the Cinart Theater, a 1920s single-screen theater that closed in 1989 and was eventually demolished. Operated by both United Artists and Royal during its existence, the theater occupied the majority of a 13-story building between Schermerhorn and State streets, including a cellar and sub-cellar.

A Cushman and Wakefield team led by Diane Boutross has been retail space marketing in the building in 2020, but it is not clear if a new tenant has been found to replace Regal or the ground floor tenant, Barnes & Nobles. (Boutross and his team did not return a request for comment.) The Regal Court Street previously temporarily closed in the fall of 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

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