Reolink Participates in Historic Non-Profit Community Theater Expansion Project in Pennsylvania


WILMINGTON, Del., May 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Reolink, a global innovation in smart security solutions, partners with County Theater, a non-profit community theater in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to document the theater renovation and expansion project from start to finish, allowing the theater team and members to see the construction process with high picture quality.

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Since the start of the expansion project in January 2020, John Toner, financial director of the project, and his team were looking for video services with site cameras, capable of documenting the progress of the work. However, they were told it might cost $ 10,000 To $ 20,000.

The team later spoke to Tom brunt, a broadcast video engineer from TebWeb Innovations. Tom recommended Reolink as an affordable option to meet multiple needs: securing the site, providing a live stream online, and generating high-quality time-lapse videos to show how the expansion is going. Tom’s suggestion was accepted by John and his team, as it only cost 1/10 of the previous proposals.

Two Reolink RLC-511W WiFi security cameras were installed across the street and inside the new auditorium respectively, giving theater members and donors 1920p HD footage of how construction was going. , from masonry to internal work on electricity.

From start to finish, the expansion project spans 16 months. Reolink cameras record every moment and deliver superb images worthy of theatrical projection quality. The theater crew made a superb time-lapse video, showing the entire process of the expansion project in three minutes. Once the video is uploaded to social media, it goes viral among theater members and Reolink users.

“It’s always good to know that our users love the cameras, especially when applied in a non-profit theater this time around,” said Eva nel, Reolink Marketing Director, “We will continue to provide reliable products and services to keep our users getting the job done.”

In addition to the two RLC-511W cameras, Reolink is donating other devices including two RLC-510WA Wi-Fi smart cameras and an RLK8-520B2D2 PoE NVR kit to improve cinema security.

Construction is now complete, and time-lapse videos of the expansion project captured by Reolink will be shown to moviegoers when the theater reopens soon.

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Reolink Cameras assists the renovation and expansion project of a non-profit theater
Reolink is participating in the renovation and expansion project of a non-profit community theater in Pennsylvania.

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