Running on an empty band, Fleetwood Macked at the Wall Street Theater



Cheshire-based group Running on Empty is teaming up with New York-based Fleetwood Maced to bring a California vibe to the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk on Saturday, September 7.

Laurel Canyon, California is a special place that drew rock musicians in the ’70s, including Jackson Browne and members of Fleetwood Mac, and the 8 p.m. concert will be inspired by that place and time.

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Running empty, who sold The Kate to Old Saybrook and the Bijou to Bridgeport, will bring its Californian vibe with hit hits and signature harmonies from Browne, The Eagles, The Byrds, CSN, Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell and others.

Running On Empty members include veteran musicians Andy (“AJ”) Gundell and Sheila Fabrizio on vocals, Howard Jeffrey on bass, Kenny Kosek on violin, Rob Mack on keyboards, Shawn Persinger on guitar, band creator Jonathan “Rock Doc” Schneider, Greg Trabandt on drums and Jordan West on percussion and vocals.

Meanwhile, the Fleetwood Mac tribute group Fleetwood Maced’s realism comes from the history of groups. The husband and wife musical team of Hillary and Michael Epstein (Stevie and Lindsey) and friends Cecile Spagna “Cc Keyz”, Robert Trombley and Keith Ross (Christine, John and Mick) performed together in various incarnations eventually all of them came together. reunited with their mutual love for Fleetwood Mac.

Wall Street Theater, 71 Wall Street, Norwalk. Saturday, September 7, 8 p.m. $ 45 – $ 25. 203-831-504.



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