Saugeen Amphitheater Open House March 25


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As work on the Saugeen First Nation Amphitheater project progresses, an open house will be held for members of Saugeen and the wider community on March 25 from 1-3 p.m.

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Saugeen members used the dry stone building skills they developed when rebuilding the amphitheater. They are in the process of finishing this and are working on a building in a tent at the site along Highway 21 at the reservation.

Although it’s called a wedding pavilion, the space will be used to host other events, said Jennifer Kewageshig, who works for the group in its employment and training office. It is hoped that this first phase of renovation of the amphitheater will be completed by July, she said.

There is a fireplace inside the pavilion and the workers have designed a rainbow trout wall which is made of blue slate, she said.

But there have been thefts from the site and for the project to succeed, it will need continued community buy-in. This is part of what the open house aims to encourage, she said. It is also a success that the project participants want to share.

Work on the amphitheater began as a work experience project for Saugeen members to build their pride. Kewageshig helped design the plan, which was drawn up in 2013.

Future phases include the construction of a unique visitor center, using whole cut trees to support the roof, with conference seating for 300 people, as well as a gift shop, meeting room for elders and restrooms. .

An octagonal cultural center building for community gatherings and ceremonies is also planned, as is the restoration of the gardens.


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