Shepherdstown Community Children’s Theater Impacts Arts Community Across Eastern Region | WDVM25 and DCW50


SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. (WDVM) – The New Years are just around the corner, and for anyone looking for something special to do this weekend, talented young actors from East West Virginia are ready to welcome you to entertain.

The Black Box Theater in Shepherdstown is a children’s community art theater. General artistic director Laura Richards Bakin said it was very special for the region.

“[The on-stage team] like to work together. It’s a big family, ”Bakin said.

Many of these kids have big dreams – Broadway may well be a star in the upcoming “A Christmas Carol” performance in the future; just ask Boston Charles Smallwood.

“I really enjoyed it, and would love to do it as a full-time job,” Smallwood said.

Boston’s younger sister Eleanor may end up on Broadway one day; but she realizes that she has a learning curve: overcoming the apprehension of performing in front of an audience!

“I’m not sociable at all, so it’s helpful for me to try to be sociable sometimes,” Eleanor said with a chuckle.

Eleanor and the Boston mother see the reward her children get from the experience.

“The children come home and they have great stories about their friends, but they also learned to be good members of the community, to make friendships but also to learn to work in an environment where they receive constructive criticism. and they are learning how to grow up in a positive way, and the arts are very important in our family, so Black Box has been wonderful for us, ”said Emily Smallwood.

The theater continued all of this while having to overcome the limitations of COVID in the community.

“Support the arts in your community,” said Emily. “Black Box Youth is one of the most wonderful programs in this region, not only in Shepherdstown but throughout the Eastern Region as well.”

For online tickets, visit their website. The Black Box Theater not only stages productions, but also offers courses in auditing, improvisation, drama writing and directing. Black Box also organizes art workshops for young people and summer camps.


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