Sound bathing with didgeridoos and gongs in Camden Amphitheater


CAMDEN – There are two more opportunities to experience a community sound bath in the Camden Amphitheater this summer. On Sunday, July 17 and Monday, July 25 at 6 p.m., sound therapist Jim Doble and didgeridoo musician Forest Weston will use a variety of resonant instruments to create soothing sound waves.

The sound bath is a meditative experience where those present are “bathed” in sound. It is often categorized as a wellness practice. Many who have participated in Doble’s sound baths say the gongs, chimes, singing bowls and other instruments provide a musical and relaxing “sound cleanse”, according to the Camden Public Library, in a press release.

Jim Doble has spent thirty years creating musical instruments, specializing in custom, experimental and unique designs. He produced several instruments for enjoyment in libraries, schools, parks and museums. Forest Weston has been playing the didgeridoo for twelve years and relishes the opportunity to perform in front of bands in beautiful outdoor settings.

Participation in the program is by donation (optional), with a portion of the proceeds raised benefiting the Camden Public Library. Doble encourages participants to bring a blanket, yoga mat, or chair.

The public is welcome, but pre-registration is encouraged so you can be notified if the event is canceled. Contact Doble at [email protected], or call (207) 785-2212.


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