The community of North Huntsville will soon have an amphitheater and other developments


A multi-million dollar development is coming soon to North Huntsville.

Directly across from the recently completed Johnson Legacy Recreational Center will be a 17-acre, $ 20 million family and city resort.

WAAY-31 sat down at Town Hall from District 1 City Councilor Devyn Keith and learned new details about this amphitheater.

“I hope you like the change because the change is happening in this neighborhood in a positive way,” said Shane Davis, Director of Urban Economic Development for the City of Huntsville.

He told us he was happy to be part of the growth of Huntsville.

Now being able to announce the arrival of an amphitheater in North Huntsville is the icing on the cake.

Some say it’s the news they’ve been waiting for.

“I’m happy to see the beginnings of this conversation happening now and it materializing in the rooftops and the diverse retail experience,” Dexter Strong.

Strong is one of the community leaders in Huntsville and he told us he is very happy this new business is coming to the northwest side.

Not only is an amphitheater coming, but there will also be even more houses built on this site.

The houses will be built right next to the Johnson Legacy Center and the theater will be right across the street in what is now a parking lot.

Keith says he knows many residents have been frustrated that they didn’t have developments like MidCity or Downtown, but he wants you to know he hears you.

“Our ability to catch up at this time is a blessing to all elected officials on this side of the community because without a doubt you should be proud of where you live, not hesitant,” he said. .

Besides the houses and the theater, there will also be two different parks and a children’s play area.

Some residents expressed concern about the concerts and loud noises.

Keith says this amphitheater will operate like any other venue, but likely won’t have late-night shows due to the type of community that lives here.

The homes under construction will be single and multi-family homes to attract more people to the area.

Davis told WAAY-31 that the first phase of the project is expected to be completed by next year.


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