The Community Theater will be back with the Christmas Jamboree on December 4 – Cleveland County Herald


RISON – After more than a year of absence due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Cleveland County Community Theater is relaunching live performances with the “Cleveland County Other Days Christmas Jamboree” to be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday December 4, at the Pioneer Village in Rison.

Director Shae Carson said this show will look like other popular musical variety shows at the Cleveland County Jamboree only with a Christmas theme. Inspired by the yesteryear stories from the “Other Days” section of the Cleveland County Herald, Carson said she wanted to put on a show that would include local stories from Christmas past that audiences can relate to. “There will be funny stories and serious stories,” she said.

Carson reached out to the audience via social media and got some great feedback on the stories that will be told during the show.

In addition to these memories, there will be musical performances as well as comedy. Shae Carson, Morgan Carson, Wayne Gross, Mike Goodwin, Johnie Brewster and others will perform many of the most popular Christmas carols. A visit from Father Christmas and Madame Noël is also planned.

Tickets for the Christmas Jamboree on other Cleveland County days are $ 10 and can be purchased in advance at the Cleveland County Herald office located at 215 Main Street in downtown Rison.

This will be the first live performance of the Cleveland County Community Theater since early 2020. The group was preparing for “Peter Pan” when the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to be canceled.

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