The Main Street Theater presents “Trifles”


The murder mystery “Trifles” will premiere with Community Players Inc. next week at the Main Street Theater and will keep audiences guessing until the final act.

Set in the early 1900s, this dramatization tells the story of a farmer who is mysteriously strangled in his sleep. The play is “less of a ‘who-dun-it’ and more of a ‘why-dun-it’,” said director Tammy Vinson.

During the investigation of a murder, male and female roles are examined in this case based on a 1916 true story by Susan Glaspell. While the men search for a motive, the women relegated downstairs solve the riddle and, in effect, hide the killer.

With a cast of five one-act actors, the short play also includes a musical prelude by local teenager Kiara Stowater.

Director Tammy Vinson / Courtesy

David Woody takes on the role of Sheriff Henry Peters, a no-nonsense lawman. Pip Bickford plays county attorney George Henderson, a haughty politician. Lloyd Turney plays nosy neighbor Lewis Hale and Jenifer Lucas plays his wife. Correna Korth rounds out the cast as the sheriff’s wife.

“This cast is incredibly talented,” Vinson said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better group.”

Vinson will make her directorial debut as Trifles after 30 years of acting with the Main Street Theatre.

“This piece will remind audiences that sometimes the small things are the big things in life — and in death,” Vinson said.

Performances of “Trifles” run from June 24-26. Tickets can be purchased at


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