The theater premiere shines in an ideal setting at the “saved” Fairfield Amphitheater


It was the first event to take place at the Fairfield Amphitheater since it was granted heritage protection. And the response from the community has not failed to manifest itself with enthusiasm in sold-out attendance.

“I am really happy that the play is being performed in this space following the success of the campaign to protect the amphitheater”, underlined the president of GOCMV, Bill Papastergiadis, invited on stage by director Jeremy Artis.

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Artis, along with Melbourne Greek Community Arts and Drama Creative Center Coordinator Katerina Poutachidou and a cast of 10, brought the outdoor space back to its roots by presenting a compilation of monologues as diverse as the creative team.

It ranged from excerpts from classic plays to poems and songs.

Think Golfo followed by gems from Tennessee Williams, Cavafy and Ritsos complemented by Turkish activist Aziz Nesin’s famous ‘Silence, Don’t Speak’, a bit of Shakespeare thrown into the mix and contemporary work MAIROULA meeting a well- loved by many zeimpekiko.

“Although there is no beginning, middle and end in the strict sense of the word, there is an emotional curve that we want the viewer to follow,” explains Artis in a recent interview with Neos Cosmos.

And judging by the applause from the crowd throughout the performance, it was mission accomplished.

In direct reference to its title “Μόνοι” (Alone), the show itself was a “covid baby” born and evolved during lockdown into a rare homage to isolation, the benchmark of the pandemic experience.

But the mood during Saturday’s performance was anything but pandemic.

A balmy Melbourne evening spent outdoors surrounded by people, while enjoying a much missed sensation: the goosebumps you get when attending live theatre.

Did you miss the premiere?
Catch the team from the Creative Center of Drama and Arts performing “Μόνοι” (Alone) on Sunday, March 20, on the mezzanine floor of the Greek Center.
Director: Jeremy Artis
CD&A Coordinator: Katerina Poutachidou
Performers (in order of appearance): Syrmo Kapoutsi, Niki Skouri, Maria Bakalidou, Costas Stefanidis, Pam Pollali, Ioanna Gagani, Lemonia Shoina, Eleni Baveli, Jeremy Artis, Maria-Stella Papacheorgiou, Achilleas Kalanis.


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