The Villa Park Administrator appearing in the community theater production of ‘Macbeth’


Villa Park’s regicide and village policies usually do not go hand in hand.

But the two combine this weekend with newly elected Villa Park trustee Jack Corkery starring in Saint Genesius Productions’ “Macbeth”. There will be two open-air performances – today and Saturday – of Shakespeare’s tragedy at the Ruggard Gazebo in Villa Park.

“I’ll be wearing a kilt,” Corkery said, announcing his involvement with “Macbeth” during his administrator’s report at this week’s village board meeting.

In “Macbeth”, Corkery portrayed Macduff. He is one of the first Scottish nobles to suspect that the morally compromised main character and his scheming wife were behind the murder of King Duncan.

Contacted after a recent rehearsal, Corkery said he was appearing in “Macbeth” in part to accommodate his mother, Sara, who is the co-director of production with Erin Sylla. Sara Corkery co-founded Saint Genesius Productions in 2011, and Corkery himself has appeared on many of their shows over the years.

“In recent years, Saint Genesius has made complete musical productions for all ages like ‘1776’ or ‘Titanic’,” Corkery said.

He added that the company’s shift to Shakespeare away from indoor performances at Willowbrook High School was ultimately a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last year we tried to do ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ outdoors, but ended up doing it on Zoom,” Corkery said. “This year the vaccine is out, and things are starting to get a little better. We decided to do an outdoor show to allow people to gather together safely.”

Corkery said all of the cast and crew of “Macbeth” over 12 have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and masks are worn around those in production who are under 12. “Macbeth” is also Shakespeare’s shortest play, which was another top choice. reason he was chosen.

“It’s also a fast paced show with a lot of action,” Corkery said. “It looks very modern, and we hope we can get people’s attention with the cars passing and the planes flying over and the people passing on the Prairie Path.”

This is the first time Corkery has had to balance both theater, work and his elected duties as an administrator.

“I must have missed a few rehearsals,” Corkery said. “But part of community theater is that everyone has other things to do, and we all have to get around that. But it’s been a good way to get to know the community better and bring arts to Villa Park.”

Another link with the government of the village of “Macbeth” is that of Neeraja Kumar, the daughter of Deepasriya Kumar, recently elected administrator of Villa Park. Neeraja Kumar doubles as a murderer and the doctor who watches Lady Macbeth’s iconic sleepwalking scene where she shouts: “Out, damn place, out, I say!”

Since “Macbeth” is a drama about unbridled ambition and people seizing political power, Corkery has already answered a few questions about being both an elected official and an actor on the show.

“I told the village president (Nick) Cuzzone he had nothing to fear,” Corkery joked. “I have not received any prophecy from any witch.”


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