He is back. Marathon Community Theater showcases its youngest talent on two evenings this weekend – Friday July 30 and Saturday July 31 with a 7 p.m. curtain. The show actually features two short plays – “Brief Interviews with Internet Cats” and “This Is Your Brain on Social Media”.

The show’s adult directors say both plays are timely.

“They spoke to us, I guess, because they’re so relevant to today. “Social media” is a travesty. And who doesn’t love a good internet chat, ”said Kara Pascucci. “And the writers were very open to any changes we wanted to make to the scripts.”

At the end of the pandemic, it is a group of children smaller than normal.

“And that turned out to be a real plus point. A lot of young kids get speaking roles that wouldn’t happen during a normal summer camp. I love to see the kids shine,” she said. .

“Brief Interviews with Internet Cats” is directed by Jamie Stevens and Michele Licause, and student assistant director Lucy Segard. In the short play, a famous host interviews the ‘viral’ cats – uncovering the real story behind ‘Tuffy’s’ dramatic first foray into a cardboard box and learning what makes ‘Nelson’ the cranky cat so very, very. grumpy. The play stars Aiden Judd, Sierra Shifflet, Fisher Stevens, Ailani Banks, Aiden McIntyre, Adrianna Dworniczak, Ariella Dworniczak, Rachel Hackney and Claire Segard.

In “This Is Your Brain on Social Media,” a school hosts a talk for three of its worst social media obsessed students. It is directed by Pascucci and Sammy Jo Manning, and student assistant director Danielle Davis. Inspired by interviews with teens about their online lives, the play addresses both social media madness and adult hysteria towards children these days. It stars Megan Gross, Rylee Rodriguez, Hayley Price, Aiden Judd, Sierra Shifflet, Chloe Herd, Claire Segard and Maddy Judd.

For the safety of child actors and team members, this event will be socially distanced and seating is limited to 50 members of the public. Face masks will be required to enter, move around and while watching the production. Masks can only be removed by eating or drinking in the gallery.

Tickets cost $ 10 including sales tax and are available online at or Monday to Friday, noon to 4 p.m. at the MCT box office at 5101 Overseas Highway, Marathon, or by calling 305-743-0994.


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