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An outdoor amphitheater to be built above the foreshore of Town Beach in Port Macquarie will be one of three open space projects being completed under a multi-million dollar grant from the Government of New Wales from South. The construction of the $ 450,000 outdoor entertainment space, which will further activate the already bustling waterfront, is a key part of the $ 3 million NSW Public Spaces Legacy program which will also see $ 1.1 million. spent on the expansion of the Westport Park Playground and $ 1.45 million invested in upgrading The Wauchope Baths Park. Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams said the program will create legacy public spaces for future generations and keep local residents employed to ensure the local economy continues to move. To ensure full funding for the project, the council must continue to accelerate the assessment and determination of local development applications, which will have the added benefit of strengthening the local construction pipeline through 2023, Ms. Williams said. Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said funding provided to councils was dependent on achieving agreed targets to accelerate local development demands. The projects aim to sustain the region’s post-COVID tourism economy, ensuring that open spaces remain modern, vibrant and prosperous as we return to normal life, said Melissa Watkins, Community Director, Planning and the board environment. “Through this program, the Government of New South Wales is helping to revive our region and rekindle people’s interest in visiting the beautiful North Mid Coast,” said Ms Watkins. “These three projects are essential to the growth and transformation of our region, and I applaud the NSW government’s continued investment in supporting our vision of a vibrant and active community.” The construction of an outdoor amphitheater above Town Beach will provide space for artists and community groups by creating a new and different performance space. It will function as a flexible space attracting tourists and a large demographic from the community. It will include terrace seating, a stage, electrical arrangements and accessible pedestrian connections. The Westport Park Destination Playground project builds on the council’s commitment to provide a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities for our residents. This project includes the upgrade and extension of the existing playground and park facilities, including the provision of parking. The improvement and expansion of the children’s play area, water play area with cultural ties to the river, picnic areas and landscaping improvements will create an inviting setting for a larger population of the community. It will include water games, picnic areas, shade structures and a water bubbler. The grant money will also be used to modernize Bain Park – an important cultural and recreational space for the community in the heart of Wauchope’s central business district. Steps one and two of this project include a walking path that surrounds the park grounds, enhancing the connection to the High Street with main entrances and interpretive sculptures, a shaded play area, pump track and wedge salon. Oxley MP Melinda Pavey said Bain Park was a popular meeting and recreation space for residents and visitors to Wauchope. “These upgrades will help secure the park’s future as a vibrant community center, with improved access to new family-friendly entertainment and education facilities,” said Ms. Pavey. “Kudos to the board and community groups who provided the vision for the park master plan.” The NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program supports the NSW Planning Reform Action Plan to accelerate development assessment speeds and planning proposals in NSW councils. It aims to provide long-term value by funding high-quality new and / or improved public and open spaces that ensure a legacy well beyond the period of economic recovery from COVID-19. “The council will undertake community engagement to inform the detailed design component of the projects, with construction scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022,” Ms. Watkins said. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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