Tribute to Carol Burnett means slapstick comedy for the Round Lake community theater troupe – and their audiences



The Tribute to Carol Burnett and Friends will be presented on Saturdays and Sundays November 6-7 and 13-14, with performances on Saturdays starting at 7 p.m. and Sunday mornings starting at 2 p.m., at the Round Lake Community Center ( formerly Round Lake High School Gymnasium). All shows will include free popcorn and pop, as well as table seating to ensure social distancing.

JD Productions, founded earlier this year by Jeri Sirovy of rural Jackson, and Denise Deitchman of Lakefield, have produced four shows together since March. This time, they lead a cast of 17 players, hailing from several communities in southwestern Minnesota, including Worthington, Lismore, Round Lake, Windom, Storden, Jeffers, Lakefield and Jackson.

“A Night with Carol” features 17 original sketches from the Carol Burnett show, which aired for 11 seasons – from September 1967 to March 1978 – on network television.

“The writers bring them to people for fun,” Sirovy said. “The skits are all quite short – the longest is probably seven minutes; most are three to five minutes per skit.

Participants can expect to be entertained by “just plain fun comedy,” she said, adding that it is suitable for people of all ages.

“We have a lot of different Carols, Harveys and Tims,” Sirovy said. “That’s what’s really fun about it.”

Both Sirovy and Deitchman play roles, with Sirovy playing Carol for one of the skits.

“She’s so iconic. Everyone knows how fabulous she is and you’re like, ‘May I come closer?’ Said Sirovy. “We have such a high bar. The writers were funny and… we had a lot of fun giving it our own interpretation.

The production includes several Old Folks skits from Carol Burnett’s show, and Sirovy said the same two actors will portray them throughout the performances.

Due to the short skits, Sirovy said the stage will be split, with one half representing living room / dining room decor that will remain constant throughout the show. The other half of the scene will move from a prison to a lodge to other scenes. Meanwhile, the porch scenes will take place in front of the curtain.

The cast, which includes actors as young as 10 and older adults, have been in rehearsal since mid-September. A few people are new to the theater, and some have been performing on stage for years, Sirovy said.

Advance tickets for “A Night with Carol” are available for purchase at the Round Lake Community Center in Round Lake, the Hair Gallery and the BTU Heating and Cooling in Worthington, and will also be sold at the door during each of the representations.



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