Truckee Community Theater presents 10-Minute Play Festival



The Truckee Community Theater is announcing its 4th annual 10-Minute Play Festival to be held October 4-5 at the Truckee Community Arts Center.

According to a press release, Courtney Simson, founder of the Truckee Community Theater, kicked off the first 10-Minute Play Festival in 2016. Simson partnered up with Karen Terrey of Tangled Roots Writing, who teaches a writing workshop to anyone. who wish to try their hand at being A playwright. Among these students, several have been selected as original pieces over the past four years.

Each year Truckee Community Theater received more submissions from playwrights, both professional and amateur.

This year, the theater received more than 40 nominations and a play reading committee had to narrow the list to 16 plays that would be performed over the two-night festival with eight performances each night. Once the pieces have been selected, we find directors ready to give of their time. Auditions are organized and each director can launch their short play.

The 16 selected plays feature a cast of over 30 local actors aged 14 and over and will be directed by 11 local directors.

“This year’s event is not to be missed,” said Truckee Community Theater artistic director Carrie Haines. “These scripts are beautiful, these directors are amazing, and these actors are the best of the best.”

Three of the 16 plays featured this year are from part-time Truckee and local playwright Chris Widney, who has written some of the fan favorites over the past few years. “WHY” is a play about chickens. Those who have ever wondered why the chicken crosses the road, here is an answer. One of our beautiful dramatic pieces titled “Ronan” was written by local director, actor and playwright Scott Ewing and shares a popular tale. “Eating the Q” is a funny yet poignant story of a young couple whose game of Scrabble turns into a metaphor for their entire relationship. “Last Call” is the story of two teenage boys who were once friends and now live in Nazi Germany.

“Each piece has a powerful and profound impact,” said Haines. “Some will make you laugh, a few will make you cry, and all of them are incredibly thoughtful.”

This year’s directors are Scott Ewing, Kathy Manifold, Sahra Alexander, Jennifer Boehm, Peter Morris, Alexandra Montigny, Michele Greenwood, Aaron Foster, Carrie Haines and high school student Reagan McCormick.

Performances take place October 4 to 5 at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $ 20 for adults, $ 15 for students, seniors, and the military, and $ 10 for children under 12.

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Source: Truckee Community Theater



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