Waverley Council to consult experts on Bondi Pavilion amphitheater revamp


Waverley Council has voted to consult industry experts, local artists and other stakeholders about the creation of a refurbished amphitheater at the Bondi Pavilion.

The amphitheater would take the form of a landscaped performance space in the backyard of the iconic beach venue, which the Council is in the process of restoring and is due to reopen to the public later this year.

Last month, Council passed a Mayor’s Minute which calls for “initial consultation with key stakeholders, including industry experts, the arts and culture committee and local practitioners, to determine a survey process that will help identify best practice principles and context for moving the amphitheater project forward.

Mayor Masselos said the investigation will focus on a “heritage-friendly” amphitheater landscape in the courtyard, which will be a popular space for performances and for people to relax and recreate.

Waverley Council transforms the Bondi Pavilion. Image: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer.

“An enclosed outdoor venue, the amphitheater would provide a unique experience that would capture a quintessential Bondi experience under the stars,” Mayor Masselos said.

“Now that our restoration is coming to an end, the time has come to resume investigations of the amphitheater, including heritage considerations, a business case for performance space, a community consultation program and the design and estimated costs.

“There’s a lot to consider and a lot of feedback to get, but we’re looking forward to understanding the details of this wonderful potential new performance space within the pavilion.”

A report will be provided to Council detailing the results of the initial consultation and a plan for investigation, with the community to be kept informed.


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