The West Bay Community Theater (WBCT) will present The Great American Trailer Park Musical on May 6, 7 and 8, 2022.

West Bay’s first large-scale production since its inception in 2018 will open in May. WBCT will perform the deliciously irreverent Great American Trailer Park musical at the Academy Players space in Providence on Mother’s Day weekend. Led by the WBCT President, Shea SpongeThe Great American Trailer Park Musical is a loud but heartfelt musical insight into the intertwined lives of five Florida trailer park residents who bond to navigate life, love, and the occasional trailer-addicted ex-boyfriend. magic markers.

“The Great American Trailer Park Musical (GATPM) doesn’t happen very often, which is why we chose to kick off our season with this show,” Shea explains. “It’s decidedly PG in nature…well, maybe PG-13, which sets it apart from standard musical comedy fare. The characters are broad stereotypes, but they’re also in on the joke, which is fun to play and even more fun to watch.”

And, for those looking to take Mom somewhere a little different for Mother’s Day, Shea suggests a brunch followed by 2 p.m. matinee on May 8. “This is the year to up your game and make mom laugh, especially after a few mimosas at brunch time. If the jerry springer were set to music, it would be The Great American Trailer Park Musical. »

Although WBCT is a North Kingstown-based company, they remain nomadic until their Wickford theater is completed. Using the Academy Players space in Providence offers unique opportunities, one of which is a link-up campaign with Ogie’s Trailer Park restaurant and bar on Westminster Street. “Expect something fun from Ogie’s related to our show,” Shea says. “Maybe special tater tots, a signature drink or even a flan. The possibilities are endless.” Another promotional consideration is provided by The Hive RI, a co-op workspace in North Kingstown where WBCT held auditions and conducted rehearsals.

The musical direction of the GATPM is provided by E. Justin Simone with Scenic Design by Amelia Smith, Costume Design by Stephanie Traversa, Choreography by Leslie Vazquez and Stage Management by Samantha Hudgins. The cast includes Donna Gorham, Zach Searle, Paula Glen, Gabriella Rose, Lydia Johnson, Sarah Wolf and Ian Hudgins.

Ticketing information will soon be available at wbctheatre.org as well as WBCT’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.


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