ZOMBIE GIRL and SWAMP GIRL to open at B3 Theater



Genocide and ecology. These are the respective themes of ZOMBIE GIRL and SWAMP GIRL by playwright Paco José Madden. Both shows will be produced by Phoenix-based B3 Theater (b3theater.com) virtually via Zoom from October 22-31.

“Each show takes tropes we’re familiar with and puts a different spin on them,” says Madden. In ZOMBIE GIRL, humans are the enemy and commit atrocities against zombies who are living dead but not brain eaters. “It’s really about how we dehumanize people who are ‘other’,” Madden continues.

Humans aren’t exactly the heroes of SWAMP GIRL either. A young student filming a documentary about a corporate polluter falls into a polluted sump and transforms into a half-human, half-swamp-like creature similar to DC Comics’ SWAMP THING. She seeks revenge on the company responsible for the film crew’s death and tragic transformation. The play was not only inspired by the DC Comics character, but also by Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking environmental science book SILENT SPRING. “The play examines how badly we treat our planet and the need to repair the ecological damage done to our world,” says director Ilana Lydia.

“What’s unique about these performances is that we will be using the art of comics for the production,” Lydia continues. “It will be eye-catching and eye-opening for those who tune into virtual performance.”

“This will also be ZOMBIE GIRL’s 10th anniversary,” says Madden. ZOMBIE GIRL premiered at End Times: Vignettes for the Apocalypse V in 2011 in New York City and received the Serling Award for Best Screenplay, Best Actress, and Best Production. “It’s great to see this show got new life or non-life,” Madden replies.

Cast announcement for ZOMBIE GIRL and SWAMP GIRL:

Zombie Girl Jacque Arend

Swamp Girl Trystan Youngjohn

Player 1 Staceye Beatty

Player 2 Erin Natseway

Player 3 Julie Peterson

Player 4 Nathan Dunlap

For more information on the show and to order tickets, visit http://our.show/b3/ZombieSwamp.



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